Like a submarine pinging its way through the murky depths, your business needs to safely navigate its way through volatile, competitive and sometimes hostile environments. Accessing scarce resources and maximising returns from your immediate environment is critical to your long term survival. Success comes to those who operate efficiently, react quickly and out manoeuvre the competition.


Reaching a destination is rarely accidental. A course is plotted, work-streams are aligned, resources are optimised and eyes and ears are alert, unified and supported by a clear chain of command. Performing routine duties efficiently ensures that those same resources can be redeployed to simultaneously serve the strategic needs of the captain. Being able to evaluate and present multiple response scenarios enables the captain to make better informed and risk-adjusted decisions.


Your finance function sits at the centre of your business's navigational nerve centre and should be leading and influencing this strategic decision making process by leveraging its financial insight and systems capabilities.


Maximising the profitability of your products, services and customers

Strategic Planning

Robust, dynamic P&L and cash flow forecasting; Integrated performance management

Accessing Capital

Building the credibility and due diligence required to raise finance

Whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up building the foundations for future success, a mid-sized business growing in size and complexity, or a mature company going through transformational change, Sonar are focussed on the bigger picture and deliver real business insight.


Part-time or Interim Support

A part-time or interim FD or Head of FP&A when you need it most.

FP&A Consulting services

Best practice Financial Reporting, Planning & Analysis.

Finance Function Health Check

Get the best value from your people, systems & processes.

Training & Workshops

Tailored training programs for Finance and Systems staff.