About us

"Sonar delivers sensible, practical advice with integrity, honesty and conviction"

We enjoy working with people and problem solving. We've built our skills upon first hand personal experience in top performing companies and are able to combine that experience with best practice methodology to deliver innovative real world solutions to the problems and blockages that businesses encounter as they grow and evolve.

What makes us different?

  • Deep, hands-on specialist expertise in Financial Planning & Analysis that cannot be matched by generic consultancy firms.
  • We are not sector specific. We don't pigeon-hole you into a predetermined solution.
  • We are 100% independent. We do not sell products or earn commissions.
  • We utilise your resources as much as possible, keeping costs down and ensuring maximum transfer of skills to your staff.
  • The Time/Value profile of a Sonar engagement delivers up-front value and leads you towards becoming self sufficient.

Our approach

Our approach is based on the assumption that you’ve already built a successful business without our help and hence do not need a consultant to parachute in and start telling you how to do everything!


  • We will remain focused on your brief and deliver our services within the agreed time scale.
  • We remain focused on your brief and work with you to avoid scope creep.
  • We will remain completely objective when addressing your business needs.


Guiding principles

  • We invest in your people: Business insight is a people skill, technology alone cannot do it for you.
  • Smart use of technology: Maximise the value of existing technologies by resolving underlying issues before considering new technology.
  • LEAN finance: Cut out wasteful activity and embed a culture of ownership, innovation and continuous improvement.