Part-time or Interim Support

A part-time or interim FD or Head of FP&A when you need it most.

FP&A Consulting services

Best practice Financial Reporting, Planning & Analysis.

Finance Function Health Check

Get the best value from your people, systems & processes.

Training & Workshops

Tailored training programs for Finance and Systems staff.

Our services are geared towards delivering maximum value as early on as possible. In addition to our own expertise enabling us to deliver immediate value, we also target the use of our your own staff to partner us in our work wherever possible.  This helps to keep costs down and ensures a direct transfer of knowledge from us to your team(s), paving the way to your longer term self sufficiency.


We aim to deliver our services with minimum disruption to your ongoing operating environment, at all times remembering that:

  • The finance team adds value by identifying and influencing the drivers of profitability, monitoring the efficiency of capital utilisation, and ensuring a constant flow of cash to the business.
  • Robust, structured reporting and good planning that is well understood and well communicated throughout the organisation helps the finance function deliver upon its objectives.
  • Efficient processes and systems improve accuracy, cost less to run, require less manual intervention and free up staff resources to partner with operational teams.
  • Regular, targeted staff development and mentoring helps keep your business ahead of the competition.


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