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The Financial Planning and Analysis function's primary purpose is:

  • To engage directly with the broader business and be able to influence the decision making process,
  • Undertake meaningful analysis into underlying financial performance,
  • Convey timely insight on performance to the directors, managers and/or owners of the business.

Entrepreneurial and SME businesses typically have a compact central finance function within a relatively flat organisational structure, with good overall financial management skills but lacking in specialist performance management skills.


Hence as a business matures, an important step in it's growth cycle is the building of a dedicated full time FP&A capability into their organisation.



Larger, more mature businesses typically already have a dedicated team of FP&A professionals, tasked with ownership of the end-to-end strategic planning, budgeting and financial analysis processes.


However, business growth and increased complexity can result in a corresponding disconnect from operations and a loss in translation of business performance reporting.

Irrespective of business size, we can help re-establish best practice management reporting into the heart of your finance function, optimise the way in which systems are used to capture and deliver data analysis, and re-establish effective communication between your finance function and the broader business community.

... an insightful, value-adding FP&A capability to partner you and your business...


...from the introduction of best practice processes and procedures to be run by existing staff, to setting up a full scale stand-alone team of FP&A specialists.


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... your existing FP&A capability.


Our hands on, mentored approach helps your team overcome the challenges of growth, instilling greater confidence and developing higher level skills.


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... an under performing FP&A capability to full operational effectiveness.


We use our experience to lead your team through transformation, we then hand the reins back to your original but newly strengthened team.


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