Enhanced FP&A

Enhancing your FP&A can range from a light touch health check and fine tuning, to a no holds barred deeper remedial transformation of your end-to-end function. It's never to late to address performance issues, but swift timely intervention can help avoid the continued proliferation and cultural adoption of substandard behaviours.


Turning the ship (or indeed simply fixing the rudder) is a lot harder when you factor in:

  • Divisional, cultural and geographic diversity
  • Varying levels of underlying divisional maturity
  • Legacy systems issues and complicated co-dependent processes
  • The ongoing delivery of business as usual requirements.


Our starting point is to work with your existing staff and systems in order to unlock the inherent value that you may already possess, before any consideration is made regarding systems upgrades and/or new technologies. Identifying process efficiencies, refocusing on best practice methodologies and re-establishing governance are where 80% of value will be rediscovered.


Before you go down the route of replacing your existing head of FP&A (disrupting your work flows and incurring non-value-add recruitment costs), consider that a good BAU practitioner is not necessarily going to be a good agent of change and vise versa. 


Sonar are keen to help you maximise the value and effectiveness of your FP&A function, click here to contact us and arrange a meeting.