FP&A Implementation

We can help you build an in-house FP&A capability.  Depending on existing resources and future needs, this can range from the introduction of best practice processes and procedures to be run by existing staff, to setting up a full scale stand-alone team of FP&A specialists.


Small and entrepreneurial businesses typically have a compact central finance function within a relatively flat organisational structure. With smaller teams of people holding broader general skills, they can become increasingly reliant on buying in specialist skills from interim staff, external advisers or consultants as their business grows.


Signs that your business should invest in a dedicated FP&A capability:


  • Increased business complexity, scale and growth resulting in reduced contact and insight into the business.
  • Time poor, ideas rich: Business leaders stretched, help needed with implementation.
  • Good general skills, but lacking in specialist skills.
  • Ambitions for growth not fleshed out into a clear strategic plan; targets not integrated into financial planning.
  • Overburdened staff during busy periods; more process maintenance and less time to deliver value adding activity.
  • Original systems and processes becoming outdated and no longer keeping up with organisational growth.


Partnering with us allows to you to focus on serving your customers and running your business, while we take care of the end-to-end co-ordination and implementation of your FP&A capability.


Our approach is to address the following:


  • Design & Implementation: Building a solid foundation for ongoing growth
  • Business preparation: Building the business case and laying the foundations for FP&A implementation.
  • Managing expectations: Working with all impacted areas of your business; ensure cross-function alignment.
  • Reporting environment: Review of existing reporting software; Consideration of new applications only if required.
  • Project Management: Keeping you informed; Resource management; Quality and cost control.


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