Growing FP&A

With growth in size and complexity comes a shift from a 'business' to a 'company' culture:


  • Governance issues proliferate
  • Organisational complexity and cultural shifts resulting in the dilution of strategic vision
  • Communication of corporate intent across the business is hampered, as the corporate hierarchy grows and finance moves further away from the front line
  • Information flow can become bogged down by older infrastructure being overtaken by business growth


Addressing these issues mid-reporting cycle can be a challenge for any business, often resulting in businesses delaying taking the necessary action. However, organisational maturity does open exciting opportunities for the finance organisation:


  • Re-integrating itself back into the fabric of the business's decision making process, strengthening its role of business partner
  • Using its controls and governance to lend its expertise and thought leadership in process design to the front-of-house functions of the business as it enters the next stage of growth



Our hands on, mentored approach helps you and your team overcome the challenges of growth, instilling greater confidence and developing higher level skills. It also reaffirms corporate ideals of investing in people and building long term partnerships across your business. 


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