Training & Workshops

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to." ~Richard Branson


Maintaining a top performing finance function, keeping pace with technological change and keeping staff motivated requires regular staff training and active support from senior management. Businesses all get bogged down in the delivery of day-to-day requirements and processes, but it's never too late to pause and reflect. A balance needs to be struck between "efficiency through repetition" and "challenge, revision, innovation".


Our tailor-made approach is typically workshop based, but can also be structured around one-off 1-to-1 training or ongoing 1-to-1 mentoring:


  • FP&A-specific professional skills training.
  • Opportunities to broader strategic discussion.
  • Communication forums, e.g. building team alignment, routine health-checks, or to address impending organisational change(s).


Group workshops

We work with groups of people from within the same functional or project team, from across different functional teams (i.e. finance + systems), or with groups comprising staff from different levels of seniority (i.e. vertical teams):


Function-specific skills development:

  • Core FP&A skills: Best practice planning, forecasting, reporting - What are we actually trying to achieve? How is information used? The importance of "time".
  • Communication skills: Understanding conflicting priorities; Aligning activities; Speaking in a common language.
  • Senior stakeholder management: How to influence your line managers in times of stress
  • Making data visual: The power of presenting information graphically; Making sense of complex data sets.


Cross-function Finance:Systems workshops:

  • Simple steps to achieve greater alignment and efficiency between finance teams and their systems counterparts
  • Reducing reporting time lines.
  • Using systems teams skills to broaden and deepen the opportunities for finance to increase their ability to delve into data and improve their analytical abilities.


"Vertical Team" workshop

  • Bringing together staff from different levels of seniority from within the same functional area.
  • Top-down discussions around business strategy, changing requirements, organisational change.
  • Bottom-up opportunity to raise suggestions for change; identification of process and cultural blockages.