5 Key Insights into Transformational Change and Change Mgt

An excellent article was recently published on Linkedin by Niels Pflaeging, talking about 5 key insights into more constructive and robust alternatives to “change management” (or “planned change”) as you know it.


Insight 1: Change is not a journey – it is “constant flipping”.

  • “Profound transformation never takes more than 2 years – independent if it’s about an organisation with 20 people, or 200,000.”
  • “Change is line adding milk to coffee.”
  • “Profound change means sequenced flipping the system from Now to New – right here, right now. A thousand times or more.”


Insight 2: There is no such thing as “resistance to change”, only “smart response to dumb method”.

  • “People don’t resist change.”
  • “The more resistance to change you observe, the likelier it is that your methods suck.”


Insight 3: The problem is in the system, almost always.

  • “Change done well does not produce losers, only consequences.”
  • “What we interpret as as a resistance to change is an intelligent response to inconsistencies between the organisational model and the desired state.”


Insight 4: Organisational change is socially dense – the technical side is (almost) trivial.

  • ” Relationship is everything, method is secondary”
  • “Method must always be appropriately complex, and social.”


Insight 5: There is no such thing as transformation – instead, every-thing’s an intervention.

  • “Constant flipping is the only thing there is in change.”
  • “Instead of change management, we should practice the craft of change as exercising constructive irritation.”



To read the full article, click here (it will open in a new browser).